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Processes of soil physical, chemical and biochemical accepted that over the years on the rock maternal and complex combinations:
1. Mineral 2. Organic Materials 3. microorganisms
In its place and been responsible food production organisms.

The three combined in the soil under the influence of climatic conditions, quantity and quality of water resources and how to exploit variable resources. In arid and semiarid regions on Earth, including large parts of our beloved country, much of the organic material is mineral phase. Ie land in arid and semiarid climates with soil chemical fertility “Minerals“, which is very suitable for non-compliance with operating conditions, soil fertility decline and subsequent physical activity limitation “biological phase” will face.

Organic matter in the soil as a complex biological backing military action “phase biological” played a significant role in our ecosystem balance and its habitat. Lack of suitable technical knowledge in the use of energy stored organic matter, enjoyment of the valuable material, is minimal. In other words, the direct use of organic matter “waste and waste animal and plants” not only full potential and energy is not deployed but more importantly it is due to the transfer of weed seeds, diseases and will increase production costs .if enriched with macro and micro elements best practice for promoting sustainable agriculture, the revival of fertility, physical, biological, and chemical.

The benefits of organic fertilizers processed:

  • Improve the fertility of the physical, chemical and biological soil
  • Accelerate the increase solubility and absorption of nutrients in the soil
  • Suppliers gradual plant nutrients ((macro and micro elements))
  • Reduce the effect of water and soil limitations ((salinity, alkalinity, alkalinity, etc.)) on plant
  • Improving irrigation efficiency by increasing the water-holding capacity
  • Micro-organisms increase the activity of beneficial soil
  • Containing macro and micro elements, beneficial microorganisms, growth promoters, sulfur is gradually gives the plants
  • Increase yield and quality of products